Northern Ireland FAQs

The answers to each of the questions below have been provided by the ASCLNI solicitors, O'Reilly Stewart, Belfast

My Education & Library Board has told me that some of my younger teachers need to do a costly training course and test to get PCV entitlement to drive the school minibus. Is that so? Answer

A teacher on maternity leave has told me that she wants to return part-time or job share. Do I have to agree? Answer

Some parents are challenging the schools' right to give after school detentions. Answer

I am unhappy about having to state my passport number when I counter-sign photographs of pupils in my school. Is this really necessary? Answer

Can I permanently exclude a pupil because s/he brought cannabis into the school? Answer

My SENCO says that that all staff should be trained to use Epipens for anaphylactic shock if we have a student with this need. Is this so? Answer

Should I suspend a teacher when I receive an allegation of physical assault on a pupil? Answer

Can we search a student for suspected possession of a weapon? Answer

A teacher has just told me that she is leaving at the end of term for a new job. That is in two week's time! She has not given me the required notice. What can I do? Answer

The school has been asked by one parent to change the surname of a child whose mother and father are going through a marital dispute. Answer

I have been asked to send our race relations policy to a local pressure group. I am worried that they are trying to use a recent incident to make local headlines. Do I have to send it? Answer

A pupil was reinstated after a permanent exclusion. The panel was persuaded by a solicitor who pointed out that we had not allowed the pupil to give his version of events. Is that possible? Answer

Do my pupils need a CRB check to work in a primary school? Answer

What can I do to get an awkward parent off my back when she/he is wasting my time? Answer

What do I do when an allegation of abuse is made against a teacher? Answer

Who is responsible for the behaviour of the pupils on school buses? Answer

What do we do to have to prevent vehicle accidents on school premises? Answer

What guidance can you offer on the use of images of children? Answer

What are the standards of proof required for a permanent exclusion? Answer

How do I know whether a teacher's physical intervention was reasonable or not? Answer

What parental leave are teachers eligible for? Answer

Can I make an arrangement with a willing parent to keep their son/daughter at home for a few days to cool down? Answer

Does the school have to produce any policies for the recent disability guidelines? Answer

Is the school responsible for any of the behaviour of its pupils outside the school gate? Answer

Should we ban mobile phones in school? Answer