Benevolent Fund

What is the ASCL Benevolent Fund?

Set up in 1980, the Fund is a charity, registered with the Charity Commission (No. 279628). The original Declaration of Trust empowered the Trustees to receive “subscriptions, contributions, donations and bequests”, to invest the same and to use the income for the relief of “poor widows, widowers, children and dependants of deceased members and deceased former members of the Association, poor members and former members and the spouses, children and dependants of such members ... and poor retired employees of the Association”.

In 2001, the Association of Headmistresses Benevolent Fund (the Amy Bull Fund) was formally wound up and its assets passed to the SHA Benevolent Fund. The Headmasters Association Benevolent Fund, serving the former HMA membership, continues to operate independently but has the declared objective of merging with the ASCL Fund, when the time is right.

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